Who Are We

Tappy Toes – The Play-based Pre-school is India’s most favourite & loved play school

With years of extensive research and experience in child education, it has inspired the origin of Tappy Toes Preschool with a conceptual accent on inclusive growth of the child in an ambiance of Freedom, Joy, and Fun that acknowledges PLAY as primary to a child and synonymous to childhood.

There are loads of pre-schools to choose from, but the need of the hour is a pre-school that acknowledges Play as the crucial element for a child. We at Tappy Toes understand this law of nature and hence are in pursuit to enhance the essence of childhood.

Tappy Toes – a thoughtfully, conceptualized and designed pre-school model for new generation learners. We offer enriching opportunities for our young inquisitive minds to quench their thirst for PLAY and of course LEARN too.


Our in-depth study of the curriculum aims to inspire the child’s natural sense of involvement resulting in his/her evolution, and empowering them to express his/her self to the maximum. Play is intrinsic to the child and the basic mode of learning.

Our curriculum amalgamates the best of the pre-school methodologies to provide scope to every child to Create, Discover, Interact, and become Self-confident as they master various skills through play. It is said “Play Is the Highest form of Research – Albert Einstein”.

Our curriculum weaves together the developmental activities, learning and teaching resources, and the concepts that ascertain play as the medium for the pre-schoolers to learn. It broadens the viewpoints of the little researchers to uncover the facts, principles, and properties of things that clarify the concepts through the exploration and learning experience.


Head Office : B - 101 Giridwar Building,
Next to Punjab National Bank,
Maturadas Road, Kandivali(W)
Mumbai - 400067

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